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  • 1.Do I need an appointment to get service work done?
    Yes. Please call (425) 361-7583 ViaRV Parts and Service to make an appointment. If you purchased your RV from ViaRV sales, be sure to mention your Service information. We are very busy during summer rush season.
  • 2.What kinds of RV equipment do you sell?
    We sell almost everything you need, if we don’t have it in store we can order it for you and have your item for you as early as the next day!
  • 3. Can I drop off on Sunday?
    No drop offs on Sunday as we will need your information and written permission to work on your unit.
  • 4.Is there a charge line to charge my battery?
    If you have a 7 way plug on the back of your vehicle for towing a trailer you most likely have a charge line that passes voltage from the tow vehicle to the trailers charging system.
  • 5.Can I use the microwave and air conditioner?
    It is definitely possible if you have full power hookups or a 4000W generator!
  • 6.Do you have to have a brake box control?
    Yes and if not we can always order one for you.
  • 7.Will I need full hookups?
    Not needed but very recommended for a longer stay.
  • 8.How long will a RV trailer batteries last?
    This depends on the usage and if there is a solar panel on the roof of the RV to keep the batteries charged it also depends on whether or not the solar panels are in the shade.
  • 9.Can I use household toilet paper?
    No, to avoid any clogging of the pipes use specifically only RV toilet paper.
  • 10. I am permanently parked. Can you come to my campground to do service?
    Yes, we can come to certain nearby campgrounds if necessary. Call to see if we can service your campground. There will be a trip charge and payment will be required before the work is done. We will schedule warranty work on permanently parked units we sold as quickly as possible, keeping in mind that we are very busy in the summer.
  • 11.Do you do collision repairs and body work?
    Yes, we have trained body technicians with years of experience. We can repair both aluminum, fiberglass and everything from minor repairs to complete re-skinning, sidewall replacement and roof replacement. If the RV is still useable, it is best to delay body work till the off-season.
  • 12.Do you provide storage for RV's?
    Yes, we can store RV's in our shop.
  • 13.How do I winterize my RV?
    You should winterize before the temperature reaches the freezing mark unless the vehicle stays in a heated garage. To winterize, drain all water, water tanks, holding tanks, water pump, and all lines. To get the maximum water out of the lines, open the faucets and blow compressed air into the unit. Then pump RV anti freeze to all lines till pink comes out of the faucets. Put a cup full down all ptraps and toilets. Units with washer dryer, dishwasher, and ice maker/freezer are more difficult and should be done by a RV dealer.
  • 14.What should I do if my furnace won’t light?
    A common problem is a bad regulator at the propane tank. A simple test will indicate if this is the case. Light all the stove burners and look at the color of the flame. The flames should be blue with little or no yellow color. If the flame does not change color, then the regulator is probably working. A bad regulator could also cause problems with the hot water heater. Be sure your battery has a good charge.
  • 15.My furnace fan starts, but produces no heat."
    If your furnace fan starts you can assume that the thermostat is working. Listen for a spark to see if the furnace is trying to light (it sounds like a low clicking sound). A furnace contains an internal sail switch that senses airflow. If the airflow is not sufficient, then the switch will prevent the furnace from igniting, the fan will run and you will get no heat. Check to see if any registers are closed or blocked. Some furnaces will not tolerate even a partial closure of a heat register. A low voltage condition may cause the fan to run too slow to activate the sail switch.
  • 16.My water heater won’t light
    Check power board, if you have power and you can smell propane check your burner tube you may have some spider webs or a dirty burner tube that needs to be cleaned.
  • 17.My refrigerator won’t lit on gas
    Try lighting your stove. Do you have a good flame?
  • 18.Refrigerator not working
    Find your fuse panel and check have any blown fuse? Then check your GFI outlet and your breakers to see if one of them tripped.
  • 19.Water pump problems
    Check water valves and plugs. They should be in the closed position and the fill valve from the city water to tank should be in the use position. Be sure the water heater is full (open the relief valve to test)
  • 20.My jacks won’t retract all the way
    Extend all jacks, lube pistons and springs. Operate several times and continue to lubricate.
  • 21.My electrical outlets have no power.
    Check all breakers then check your GFI outlets to be sure none are tripped.
  • 22My slide out is not working.
    Check your fuses in the main panel. For hydraulic slide systems, check for correct position of valves on manifold (located at hydraulic pump). The valve should be in the open position all the way to the right. For an electric slide, check brake lever on motor. It should be in the engage position.
  • 23. My AC is not cooling.
    Switch thermostat from cooling mode to fan only. Let it run ½ hour then return to cooling mode.
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