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5 Things You Need If You Just Bought a Travel Trailer

So you just bought a trailer and you’re figuring out what you need. There are long lists of essential and non-essential equipment across the internet, but we put together a short list of the 5 things to get if you’re thinking, “I just bought a travel trailer… What do I need!?”

Hitch Lock

Not every RV blog will have a hitch lock on their essentials list, but we highly suggest you get a lock for your hitch. Once you detach your car from your trailer, the hitch is open and available for anyone to take your trailer.

It might seem unlikely that a person would steal something like a travel trailer, yet we’ve seen it happen more times than once. Get a hitch lock and use it from the beginning.

Even if there is nobody around to take your trailer, you’ll feel better about leaving it while you are out and about.

Water Filter and All Necessary Hoses

Your RV may come with these hoses, but double-check that you have what you need before you take your new home-away-from-home on her maiden voyage.

Imagine getting out to your campsite and finding that you forgot your hose to connect to the campsite’s fresh water source.

You will need hoses for drinking water, sewage, and depending on your RV, you may need more. When you buy an RV your dealer will tell you exactly what you need for your specific camper.

While we’re in the bathroom, make sure you have RV-specific toilet paper. It is a rapid dissolving paper, so it won’t clog the septic tank.

The softer paper makes the septic dump a little easier too. Try it out!

Whatever You Would Bring on a Tent Camping Trip

Just think of your travel trailer as an upgraded tent. Pack everything you would bring on a regular camping trip in your trailer.

Camping chairs, fire starters, food and cooking gear, bug spray, sunscreen, etc. You probably already have a list of things you would normally bring on a camping trip, so just pack those usuals.

The main differences you will find between tent camping and trailer camping are the sleeping situation, your kitchen, and the indoor bathroom.

As long as you have everything you need to run the RV, your usual camping supplies are sufficient.


There are two types of campers: those who camp to disconnect from the internet, and those who camp but need to stay online. If you are in the second camp, then you need to get your internet situation figured out before you take off.

Some campsites these days provide WiFi, which might be enough for some campers.

Mobile Hotspot

If you have a good cell service provider, then a mobile hotspot might be enough. You can use your hotspot to connect your computer or TV.

You can purchase a separate mobile hotspot or use the one on your phone. It depends what signal you need and if you care about your phone battery draining quickly.

Talk to your cell phone provider and they will let you know what they recommend.

Make sure you tell them where you plan on taking your camper or RV and they can show you how strong the phone service is in that area.

Satellite Internet

If you are serious about your internet and a hotspot won’t cut it, then satellite internet is your next-best option.

Satellite internet is pricey, but if you are working from your trailer in remote areas without service or WiFi, then it might be necessary.

High-Quality Bedding

When we say get high-quality bedding for your camper, we don’t mean expensive—we mean warm and quick drying.

RV mattresses aren’t always a standard twin, full, queen, king size. Double-check the size before you get bedding so you don’t end up with the wrong size.

You can get bedding made specifically for an RV, but you don’t have to. RV bedding is made to fit uniquely shaped RV beds perfectly. If you don’t mind your sheets bunching up then go ahead and use non-RV sheets.

You might want to find waterproof bedding if you’re worried about your sheets holding in moisture or if you’re traveling in a super humid area. Nice bedding will make your new camper feel even more like home.

This information is for educational purposes. VIARV shall not be responsible nor retain liability for RVer’s use of the provided information. Prior to making any RV service decision, you are advised to consult with an RV professional.

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