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6 Ways to “Haunt” Your RV

If you thought this time of year was all about treats, you still have some time to play the biggest trick of all! The wonderful thing about having an RV at your disposal is that you have the perfect venue for a truly spooky open house – and mobile one at that! Here are a few ways to haunt your RV, and leave a few passengers screaming.

Create an “Abandoned” Exterior

Even your top-of-the-line RV can appear pretty spooky if you know how to dishevel, er, decorate it. Use black construction paper to black out the windows, then hang cobwebs over doors, windows and awnings. The great part about this décor is it gives you a great reason not to wash your RV for a while!

Smoke it Out

Your RV presents a compact space, which is the perfect venue for a smoke machine! You’re Halloween party will gain instant ambiance when guests see smoke streaming from the doorways and windows of your RV. Spooky!

Graveyard It

Depending on where your RV is parked, it can be the perfect setting for a do-it-yourself graveyard. Make tombstones out of cardboard and set them up around the RV. For added flair, make a few piles of dirt to signify “fresh” graves.

Hiding Perils

RV’s are heavy on cabinets and doors. This makes for the perfect backdrop for some spooky surprises. Fill up a cabinet with rubber snakes, or hang a skeleton just inside the bathroom door. Make a point to plant a spooky surprise in any nook or cranny your guest might wander.

Crime Scene

What’s creepier than a fresh crime scene? Use yellow police tape to surround your RV, then recreate a crime scene inside using red gelatin as blood (don’t use it on carpeted areas!) and chalk body outlines.

Get Festive

Halloween doesn’t have to be so spooky if you’re looking for some non-scary fun. For a festive touch, drape your RV in orange and purple lights and hang streamers and cobwebs from the windows and awnings.

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