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All the Reasons to Love Your RV

Valentine’s Day might be (barely) behind us, but around here, we’re keeping the love going all month long. Chances are, you don’t have to work too hard to determine who (or what) is the object of our affection. Our passion is – and likely always will be – RVs! If you’re an RV aficionado, we’re guessing you could think of a few (thousand) reasons you love your rig. So if we’ve missed one (or 25), be sure to add your own in the comments!

It never runs out of ideas.

Ever sat with friends (or family) on a weekend night asking, “well, what should we do?” When you have an RV, it’s NOT like that friend. That’s because, when you have an RV, it never runs out of ideas on where to go or what to do. Want to see the world’s largest ball of twine? Your RV is in. How about a simple movie night in the driveway? Good to go. Your RV is your go-to for great ideas.

It’s low maintenance.

Sure, most RVs aren’t exactly penthouse-sized, but that’s the beauty of them. A great RV offers you the room you need to be comfortable and well-equipped – without going overboard. This is ideal, because the more space you have, well, the more you have to care for. Tidying up the RV and keeping it in great condition is not only easy, it’s a pleasure!

It doubles as a guesthouse.

In-laws coming into town? If the four walls of your home make you feel like a prisoner when company comes calling (particularly family and “legal family”), your RV is always there to love you. Think of it as an additional room in your home – ready to welcome those less-than-welcome visitors. Or, when things get really tough, ready to welcome you!

It doesn’t require planning.

Your RV does a lot of things. You know what it never does? It doesn’t ask for your passport, make you wait through TSA lines or delay or cancel your trip. Your RV is ready to go when you are – whether you’ve given it advance notice or not. In fact, having that rig sitting in your driveway is like having a relaxation and adventure pod ready to go at any time.

It gives you something to talk about.

Few things bring people together like a shared love for RVs. Talk to any RV aficionado: you can spend hours talking about the features and benefits of your chosen rig. And when you’re in a campground or out in the great outdoors, it’s easy to make friends who have an RV of their own – just ask them for a review of their rig!

It’s camping. Without camping.

Love the outdoors, but hate all that nature brings with it? If you’re all about listening to crickets in the wood and gazing at bright stars but really, really hate freezing temperatures, pesky mosquitos and, ahem, doing your business in the woods, you probably love your RV as much as we do.

It provides all the comforts of home.

The nomad lifestyle today isn’t exactly as nomadic as it once was – thanks to the amazing features of today’s RV models. These days, your rig can come equipped with gourmet kitchen appliances, home theater equipment, Wi-Fi, luxurious king-sized beds… the sky is the limit! There’s no need to “suffer” through a road trip – with your RV, it become a luxury experience.

This information is for educational purposes. VIARV shall not be responsible nor retain liability for RVer’s use of the provided information. Prior to making any RV service decision, you are advised to consult with an RV professional.

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