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How To Afford Living In An RV

For most RV owners, their camper isn’t just a vehicle—it’s a second home. Most camper models are built to give all the comforts of home while you’re enjoying the outdoor lifestyle. This way of traveling has become so popular that many people have given up their stationary homes altogether in favor of a more nomadic lifestyle. However, living in an RV is not for everyone and there are some things to consider before you decide to do so.

At RV Station Colbert, we’re committed to helping you get the best RV for you and keeping it in great shape for extended use. Come to our dealership in Oklahoma to see our vast collection of RVs and ask our staff for tips about short- and long-term RV living.

Budget Carefully

We know that most of us aren’t that fond of doing math and calculating every expenditure, but this is something you need to do. Set a realistic budget so you know what RVs you can afford. Too low of a budget will leave you with models that may not perform well or last long, while too high of a budget may leave you reeling under the financial strain. Research the average cost of an RV and see which models have the features that you definitely want in your camper. Leave a little wiggle room in your budget if possible so that you can spend (or save) a little more and not feel the pinch.

Keep A Travel Budget

You need to have a month-to-month breakdown of your recurring expenses if you’re going to be living out of your RV. This should include RV payments, gas, campground fees, food, insurance, maintenance and repairs, phone and internet, emergency expenses and anything else that will affect your budget when you start living in your camper. Calculate how much you can afford to spend each month and compare it to the breakdown you’ve made. This should help you decide where you can make some cutbacks and how you can adjust the budget to realistically fit your needs.

Always Be Saving

Speaking of cutbacks, think of ways you can save money. If you haven’t bought your RV yet, consider getting a pre-owned machine or a smaller camper so you can save some cash. When it comes to features, don’t get swept away; focus on the ones you’ll definitely need. Keep track of cheaper campgrounds in the areas you hope to frequent. One great and healthy way to save money is to prepare your own meals instead of eating out. Small cost-saving measures can help you to keep more money in your wallet..

Bring Home The Bacon

Continuing to work is a good way to make money when you spend your time living or traveling in your RV. You can use your earnings for extra expenses or as a primary source of income. Earning while you travel can help you live a little more lavishly and there are now many options for remote jobs. If you get an online job, do set aside a time for it so that you stay on top of things. If you make long stays at campgrounds and parks, you can also apply for any local temp jobs that come up. If you have a steady flow of income, you’ll be less worried about running through your savings or facing an unexpected emergency.

An RV is definitely not an impulse purchase, so make sure you weigh the pros and cons of each model before you make your decision. Come to RV Station Colbert to look at our range of campers and ask our helpful professionals about their recommendations and suggestions. We’re proud to serve the areas of Sheman, McKinney and Gainesville, Texas.

This information is for educational purposes. VIARV shall not be responsible nor retain liability for RVer’s use of the provided information. Prior to making any RV service decision, you are advised to consult with an RV professional.

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