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Must have Truck Camper Accessories

Portable Solar Panel

A portable solar panel is an awesome addition to your truck campers amenities that allows you to get power without draining your batteries. Even if you’ve got a solar panel hooked up on the top of your camper already, a portable solar panel allows you to keep your devices charged after your primary panel isn’t getting enough light. These panels can be as cheap as around $100, so it’s a great time to pick one up.

Coffee Solutions

Having a way to get your first cup of coffee before the day begins is an important ritual for many travellers. To help you get that critical cup to start your day, we recommend a collapsible drip coffee maker that will make you one cup at a time. If you and your spouse both need that precious juice before you try and get going, there are tons of small french presses that will allow you to get two cups made in only a few minutes.

Fire Kit

Having a well put together fire kit is a great practice when camping. A full fire kit should include a shovel, axe, and collapsible bucket, and will help you get your fire going and safely extinguish it when you’re done.

Portable Camp Kitchen

If you’re not travelling in a camper with a kitchen onboard, you can build your own for cheaper than you’d think. Travel pots, pans, and utensils are pretty easy to come by, and when added to a two burner camp stove and a foldable camp table, you’ve got the space and means to make yourself a full meal.

Solar Shower

A hot shower is one of those luxuries that many people assume they’re just going to have to give up when they travel in a truck camper, but with a solar shower and a little patience you won’t have to sacrifice the comfort of feeling clean. Solar showers are affordable, portable, and really easy to use, but they aren’t great for travellers in a rush, as you’re going to have to wait an hour or more for your water to heat to a comfortable level.

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