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RV Maintenance Tips to Keep Your RV Looking New

You know that feeling when your RV is brand new? Nothing is out of place and the furniture is in perfect condition. It can go south fast, but with a little effort toward RV maintenance, you can keep your RV looking as clean as the day you got it.

RV Refrigerator Maintenance

Never ever ever ever leave food in your RV refrigerator! That may seem like a given, but when you get home from a trip it can easily slip your mind. Make it part of your RV checklist so you don’t forget those hot dogs in the fridge again. Nothing will ruin that new RV smell like rotten food.

Defrost your RV freezer so it doesn’t melt and cause a leak or mold.

Clean the fridge more often than you clean your home fridge so it stays fresh in that small area. Remember to always double check for food before leaving your RV!

RV Furniture Maintenance

Keeping your RV furniture in good shape is a big part of RV maintenance. If you take care of the furniture, it will last for years without looking worn down. Implement just a few things into your routine to ensure your furniture is still looking its best.

Let your RV mattress air out without between trips without any bedding or sheets on it. Mattresses can accumulate moisture really easily, and airing out the mattress helps it from picking up a mildew smell. This is a good practice for your home mattress as well!

Vacuum all your fabric furniture often. Unless you’re living full-time in your RV, it probably sits for a good portion of the time. It accumulates dust, which can make it look and smell aged. Vacuum your RV furniture more than you vacuum your furniture at home so it stays fresh.

Wipe down all surfaces every single time you get home from a trip. Countertops, leather furniture, tables, floors, etc. This is another thing to add to your RV maintenance checklist. Pieces of food, dust, and dirt accumulate quickly and if you don’t clean it regularly then it can wear down your RV furniture.

RV Toilet Maintenance

RV toilets are made differently than regular toilets. They have different seals that don’t hold up to harsh chemicals as well as regular toilets. Chemicals and abrasive brushes can ruin the seals and interior parts of an RV toilet. Use toilet cleaner made specifically for RVs and you’ll be fine.

Have a combined toilet and shower? Before you shower, spray all the surfaces of the room with a natural cleaner, and while you’re in the shower scrub away at any stains. Easy RV maintenance practices like that don’t take a ton of time, but they keep your RV shiny and clean!

RV Tire Maintenance

Be sure to cover your RV tires when your RV is going to be sitting for a long period of time. The sun can dry out and damage tires, so covering them will keep your tires protected. As you know, tires are expensive to replace and doing simple RV maintenance will extend the life of your RV tires.

Use large tire blocks so your tires don’t get misshapen and damaged while your RV is sitting or in storage. The RV tire shouldn’t bulge or push over the top of the tire block at all.

These RV maintenance tips will keep your RV looking new for years and years! Always take your RV in to get professionally serviced at least once a year. We service campers and trailers in the Green Bay area, so give us a call if your camper is in need of a service.

This information is for educational purposes. VIARV shall not be responsible nor retain liability for RVer’s use of the provided information. Prior to making any RV service decision, you are advised to consult with an RV professional.

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