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RVing with Pets

RVing with Pets

RVing with Pets Articles from RV Station Colbert

Camping is often one of the best family activities, so why not bring the whole family? For many families, pets are central to everyday life, and leaving them behind on your camping trip just wouldn’t feel right. But whether you have a terrier, a sphynx cat, or a slow loris, you’ll want to make sure your animal is healthy, safe, and well accommodated. If you think camping is stressful for humans, imagine being an animal where your whole world consists of an apartment or house, a backyard, and maybe a trip to the park. By anticipating their needs, you can reduce their stress and keep them healthy and happy. Here at RV Station Colbert, we love our animals and we want the best for them, especially when we’re camping. That’s why we’ve created this brief guide. Read on to learn our tips about camping with animals. And when you need parts or services for your RV, don’t forget to give us a call. Located in Colbert, Oklahoma, we proudly serve Sherman, Gainesville, Denison, and MicKinney, Texas.

Set Your Pet up For Success

Like children, animals need to be set up for success when they’re in stressful situations. This means it’s necessary to keep the structures they expect, such as regular mealtimes, regular diets, and regular bedtimes. If you usually keep your dog on a leash when out on walks, keep him on a leash when you’re at the campsite. Try to bring along their favorite playthings, bed, and anything else they might recognize to help them feel at home. For cats, it’s important that you set aside some play time, especially if they normally get playtime at home. A bored cat can get aggressive and can sometimes get out of their normal sleeping routine. The more variables you can reduce, the more comfortable and stress-free your animal will feel.

Bring Supplies

As previously stated, it’s extremely important to keep regular routines and habits with your animals when you’re camping. Obviously you should bring their normal food because as anyone with an animal that has a sensitive stomach knows, changing foods can be a stressful process in and of itself. It can be helpful to bring along their normal food and water bowls, especially if your animal is a picky eater. Always bring whatever leashes, beds, collars, or anything else they might be used to having around them from home. Remember to bring any medications your animal might take. And if your dog has travelling anxiety, it’s often possible to get stress reducing medications.

Keep Them Safe While Driving

Probably the most stressful time for any animal is the time actually spent on the road. For most animals, the car is an unfamiliar and unpleasant place to be. Focusing on making the riding experience more comfortable for them will make their life much better. There’s another benefit too, though. The more happy and well-behaved the animals are, the less likely they’ll be to be a distraction to the driver. Keeping the driver distraction free is extremely important, so always keep dogs in crates or on leashes so they can be kept away from the driver.

Hazards for Pets at a Campsite

Between campfires, sharp knives or axes, and wildlife, a campsite can be dangerous for anyone, and it’s even moreso for animals that don’t have the capacity to understand safety advice. Your dog won’t intuit that a rattlesnake can kill him and your cat won’t understand not to brush his tale up against the propane stove. Whenever an open flame is in use, keep your pet on a leash or in a controlled area away from the fire. If you’re in an area known for dangerous wildlife such as rattlesnakes, cougar, bear, or coyotes, keep your dog on a leash and don’t let him get out of sight. Of course, not all dangers are that obvious. RVs tend to get very hot, especially during the summer in Texas, so don’t leave animals unattended in an RV for long periods.

Bringing animals camping can be fun but there are definitely some challenges you need to be prepared for. Try to anticipate potential problems and be prepared for any outcome. Try to recreate the animal’s home environment by keeping their schedule the same and bringing along things they enjoy. When you have more questions about RVing, or you’re in the market for a new travel trailer from manufacturers such as Springdale, Outback, or Keystone, stop by RV Station Colbert. Located in Colbert, Oklahoma, we proudly serve Sherman, Gainesville, Denison, and McKinney, Texas.

This information is for educational purposes. VIARV shall not be responsible nor retain liability for RVer’s use of the provided information. Prior to making any RV service decision, you are advised to consult with an RV professional.

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