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Taking Photos On An RV Trip

Taking Photos On An RV Trip

Traveling around in your RV is sure to lead to some memorable moments, scenic landscapes and fun adventures. What better way to remember these great times than with well-shot photographs? Though it might seem like it’s easy to point and shoot, there are some tricks that will give you better photographs. Read on to get some tips for shooting pics on your camper trip.

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This is the most important part of taking a photograph: ensuring that you have enough light to properly capture your subject. Whether you’re using a smartphone camera or a high-end one, you’ll need good lighting to produce a good photo. During the day, you have the sun! Just keep in mind that too much or too little light can make the colors and shades appear different than they are. You can play with shadow effects by altering where the light source is placed ─ the front, back or side of the subject.

During the night, you’ll need to create light by using your RV headlights, flashlights, street lamps, etc. Position the light to fall on your subject, which usually means the light source should face the subject. To get a silhouette type of photo, place the light source behind the subject.

Most photographers love to shoot during the “golden hour.” This time comes twice a day ─ just after sunrise and just before sunset. The light at this time is softer and redder, which makes photos look gorgeous and more professional.


It has been a long-held belief that the subject of your photograph should be placed squarely in the middle. This format can work, but has become overused and rather boring now that photography has become an everyday act.

One way to break the monotony is to imagine your frame with three lines going across at equal distance and three lines running down at equal distance, making a grid of nine squares in total. This technique is called the rule of thirds. Now try and place your subject in an area that isn’t the square in the very center ─ try the far right or the bottom left, etc.

When you’re framing your photo, avoid having clutter in the background. This will distract from your subject. You can limit the distractions by walking around to see if you can get a better photo from a different position.


As with framing, most people stand straight and shoot pics. You can try playing around with angles. Crouch down and angle the camera upwards or hold it high above your head to get a different type of shot. These different angles with add depth and perspective to your photos.

Stabilize Your Camera

Sometimes a gust of wind or shaky hands can ruin a beautiful photo. Ensure that the camera is steady before you take the shot. There are tripods for all sorts of cameras, including phone cameras, for those who have trouble keeping their hands steady. You can place your RV in a way that it blocks strong winds while you take your shots.


Of course you’ll want to take family pics and selfies while you’re traveling, but you can capture a whole lot more. Keep an eye out for scenic nature spots during your drive. You can use these opportunities to stretch your legs, take a break and snap some photos.

There are many places that make good locations for your RV trip photography sessions. These include famous landmarks, parks, trails, lakes, etc. Some of the best pictures are ones that are taken candidly while your subjects are actually enjoying themselves. Try to capture some spontaneous moments.

Don’t forget to snap a few gorgeous shots of your RV at the locations you visit. Not only are these part of your good memories, they can also be helpful to show prospective buyers if you ever want to upgrade your camper.

We hope that you’re able to take many thrilling, happy and memorable trips in your RV. In case you want to get an RV, come and check out our collection at RV Station Colbert in Oklahoma. We are proud to serve the good people of Sherman, McKinney and Gainesville, Texas.

This information is for educational purposes. VIARV shall not be responsible nor retain liability for RVer’s use of the provided information. Prior to making any RV service decision, you are advised to consult with an RV professional.

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