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Tips for Preventing RV Theft

Your RV is a valuable asset to your family. Unfortunately, it’s also a valuable asset to a thief. Every year, motorhomes get broken into or stolen. This results in expensive replacement costs and is a tragic experience for a family to endure. No one wants to return to the campsite to discover a damaged or missing vehicle.

The good news is you can minimize the chance of becoming a victim of theft with the following strategies. If you end up wanting safety upgrades installed, visit RV Station Colbert. Our parts and service department can assist you. You can find us in Colbert, Oklahoma.

A Prevention Mindset

Many would-be thieves are looking for the path of least resistance. If there is an unlocked motorhome and a locked motorhome, which will they choose? The one they can easily open of course.

Theft prevention strategy centers on making it as difficult as possible for a thief to steal from you. This will then hopefully keep them from targeting your motorhome (or get frustrated and abandon their attempt).

Strategic Parking

Where you park plays an important role. Your spot needs to be within sight of other campers. When there are active neighbors around your camper, a thief is more likely to be noticed. But you also want a location that is somewhat removed. After all, the more effort it takes to find your camper, the less likely a thief is to try.

Secure Your RV

You want your motorhome to be as difficult to enter as possible. Start with your locks. Many RV locks can be opened by other RV keys. Experienced thieves are aware of this and can attempt to use a key to enter your camper. Replace the original locks with a unique one for better security.

Always keep your doors and windows shut and locked. Use a tire boot to keep someone from driving off with your camper. If your RV is towable, you can also use a jockey wheel. These let you guide your RV without the use of a tow vehicle and position your hitch away from the road. This prevents anyone from hitching your motorhome to their own vehicle and driving away with it.

Remove Incentive

You want to remove anything that draws attention to your camper as being worth breaking in to. Place valuables, like laptops and jewelry, out of sight. Keep clutter down to a minimum (thieves may think there is a laptop underneath that pile of papers). Remove bags or storage boxes out of sight (a thief may think there’s technology or valuables inside them). You can also buy a safe for extra security for your valuables.

Technological Updates

Spending a little money can be a wise investment in your trailer’s security. After all, investing in theft prevention is cheaper than repairs or buying a new RV. An alarm or security system works wonders in stopping a theft attempt.

Another update you can do is invest in a tracking device. This will help you locate your RV after it has been stolen and gives the police a destination to head towards. You can also register your camper with the DMV. The process varies by state, but the idea is to claim your trailer to make it harder for a thief to re-sell your motorhome. Along the same lines of thinking, you can personalize your trailer to make it easier to identify. Try a custom paint job, specialized interior designs, or even decal stickers.

This information is for educational purposes. VIARV shall not be responsible nor retain liability for RVer’s use of the provided information. Prior to making any RV service decision, you are advised to consult with an RV professional.

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