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Travel Trailer Space Saving Tips

Getting a travel trailer can help expand your camping experience, especially given that you’re going to have a lot more room to store things. You’ll be able to bring more gear than you could with a car trip, but you won’t have unlimited space and at some point you may start to realize you’re struggling to find a place to put everything. The first step is to try and minimize the amount of supplies you bring, but if you’re still having trouble finding a spot for the necessities, consider one of the following space saving tips that we here at RV Station - Colbert know will give you a helping hand. If you’d like some of our personal tips, come talk to our friendly staff at our location in Colbert, Oklahoma, near Sherman and McKinney, Texas.

Travel Trailer Exterior

Start by consider which items you don’t even need to store in the trailer. Remember that you’ll also have your tow vehicle and maybe even some exterior storage options on the camper. If you can fit some of your supplies in these areas, supplies you don’t necessarily need on a day-to-day basis, then take advantage of this space. This may including lawn chairs and outdoor activity gear.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is probably going to need the most supplies out of any other part of your trailer. It might even beat out the bedroom with all your personal items. Between the food and the cooking and eating utensils, there’s going to be a lot. This is where consolidating will come in handy. Keep your recipes simple and see if you can have them use similar ingredients. Also try to bring only one or two pots and pans and washing them regularly. 

You can also consider alternative food storage to save room for the fridge essentials. Think about frozen foods and dehydrated foods to spread out your food storage. These types of meals can also mean fewer dirty dishes. With the right kind of meal prep, you can certainly find a way to free up some space in the kitchen.

The Bedroom

Now onto the next big problem area: the bedroom. We generally have a lot of stuff we accumulate over the years and a lot of it can feel essential for camping. But really, you probably don’t need all the clothes you think you do. There are ways to be comfortable and fashionable (if that’s a priority of yours) without packing your entire closet. Avoid stuffing your drawers and only bring the bare minimum when it comes to clothing. Remember you can always do laundry while you’re on the road, so an outfit for every day isn’t a necessity. 

The Rest of Your Trailer

There are other small tips we can give you to free up space here and there. Hang up racks, hooks, and shelves to give yourself more places to put things while you’re on the road (just make sure they’re travel ready when it’s time to roll out in the morning so things don’t fly around while you’re driving). Also look for travel sized versions of certain products, like shampoo and soap. Plus, you can always store things inside of other things. If you have a bucket for cleaning, keep all your cleaning supplies in that bucket, rather than finding a separate home for it.

Hopefully, this helps you stay organized and still let you enjoy all the space your rig has to offer. Then again, if you’ve exhausted all options and still find yourself struggling to find a home for all your gear, it might be time to upgrade. If you need a bigger RV, stop by RV Station - Colbert in Colbert, OK and check out some of the models we have available right now, including used travel trailers. We welcome all current and future RV owners from Sherman and McKinney, Texas.

This information is for educational purposes. VIARV shall not be responsible nor retain liability for RVer’s use of the provided information. Prior to making any RV service decision, you are advised to consult with an RV professional.

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