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6 Reasons Why RVs Make It Easier To Travel With Kids

Traveling with children can be challenging as there are more logistics to consider, more items to transport, and typically only a couple of adults to implement the needs of the entire family. Using an RV as the primary form of transportation can make the next family vacation more enjoyable for everyone.

Here are six reasons why traveling with children is better in an RV.

1Bathroom breaks

With an RV you never have to stress over the phrase, “I have to go to the bathroom” emanating from the back seat. No more telling the little ones they have to hold it until the next exit with services or a rest stop. With an RV the bathroom is always with you, cleaned to your standards. No more pulling into a gas station asking for a key only to wonder what unpleasant surprise might be lurking behind the door.

2Their own space

With RV travel, children have their own familiar space both while traveling and when in the campground. While traveling, children typically have their own seat in the tow vehicle or motorhome, know where to locate and how to fasten their seatbelt, and have their own cubby with things to keep them occupied.

If you have a small child in a car seat, you won’t be moving it between different forms of transportation. With an RV, there is no bouncing your children from an airplane, to an airport shuttle, to a taxi, etc. and chance leaving something behind during each transfer.

With the plethora of bunkhouse RVs available, each child will likely have their own fixed bed with their bedding on it, a place for their favorite stuffed animal, and a designated cupboard for their clothing. They know where to find their toothbrush and where their shoes are located.

Bring your toys


Unlike the limitations of traveling by plane, train, or automobile, an RV can typically transport items like bicycles, kayaks, etc. allowing your family to enjoy favorite activities while traveling.

4A place to play

Outside is always just through the entry door of the RV, not down the hall, down the elevator, and out the door like a hotel or motel which would probably exit into a paved parking lot.

Bring the bikes

When RV camping, kids can play outside on the patio mat under the awning, enjoy games while sitting at the picnic table, go to the playground, which you will find in most RV parks and many campgrounds, or take their bicycle for a ride around the campground loop.

5They will make friends

Unlike at a hotel, your children will be more likely to be outside playing and will encounter other children doing the same at the playground, riding their bike, etc. In short order, they will find a friend and trade names. You may make friends too as the children are likely to bring the parents together.

Most RV parks have a playground

6Mealtimes and meals stay the same

With an RV, you have a fully equipped kitchen with the room to pack, refrigerate, and prepare your children’s favorite meal or snack anytime, anywhere.

When it’s mealtime, you just need to find a safe spot to pull off the road and enjoy. The scenery out your window is likely to be much better than at a Denny’s, too!

Meals remain the same

For those of you that haven’t already discovered the benefits or traveling in an RV with children, consider giving it a try. It will be an adventure in RVing you will never forget!

This information is for educational purposes. VIARV shall not be responsible nor retain liability for RVer’s use of the provided information. Prior to making any RV service decision, you are advised to consult with an RV professional. 

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